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Expand your services by teaming up with Milence 

Become an eMSP partner

Do you currently offer fuel card services to operators of trucks? Or do you help fleet operators plan trips via your FMS or navigation services? This is the opportunity to expand the coverage of your service.

Times are changing and so are the needs of your customers. Battery-electric heavy duty truck fleet in Europe is expected to grow to more than 1 million vehicles in the next 10 years. Several major truck manufacturers are already delivering electric trucks or will start delivery in the coming two years.

Milence will build and operate a European network of open, reliable, and sustainable charging solutions for long-haul trucks. We ensure the best rest-and-recharge experience by aligning all stakeholders, like you.

By partnering with us, your customers will have access to our secure locations and are able to charge during a mandatory break or overnight stay. Or your navigation software will help your customers plan trips with Milence’s charging location data, including real-time availability. And even book and manage charging slots in the near future.

Key features

  • Access to Milence charging locations throughout Europe
  • Plan and navigate. All relevant POI attributes for eTrucks are available.
  • Realtime insights in charging facility availability and your charging sessions
  • Via your own customer channels

Interested? Share your details and we will get in touch!