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Milence starts operations and opens the first charging hub for heavy duty vehicles in Venlo, the Netherlands.

7 December 2023
Anja in
Anja in

Amsterdam, 7 December 2023Milence, the joint venture between Daimler Truck, the TRATON GROUP and Volvo Group, opens phase one of its first charging hub at Truck Parking Venlo and starts operations in the Netherlands. The hub consists of four charging bays. The second phase, scheduled to be operational in Q1 2024, will include additional four charging bays and the completion of the site design, which will feature the distinctive, internationally protected arch shape and roof. 

The new charging hub is equipped with two high-performance Combined Charging System (CCS) chargers, providing up to 400 kW of charging power. Milence plans a swift transition to Megawatt Charging System (MCS) technology as soon as it becomes available. 

Leading logistic hub 

At the core of Milence’s mission is the commitment to a fossil-free future for road transport. To achieve this, Milence is developing its network with a focus on creating green corridors for road transport that connect key logistics hubs. The opening of the Venlo charging hub signifies the initial step in realising this vision. 

Venlo is strategically located for international trade, making it an ideal location for the roll-out of Europe’s first large-scale public charging network by Milence. Truck Parking Venlo is now one of the first secure truck parks in the Netherlands with a dedicated charging solution for electric trucks. 

Venlo trucks

A charging Hub open to ALL electric trucks 

The site in Venlo, as well as all future sites, will welcome electric trucks of all brands. To ensure accessibility for every truck on the market, Milence is in the process of signing agreements with several major e-Mobility Service Providers (eMSPs) in Europe. Ad-hoc payment solutions will also be available.  

Milence has also developed a user-friendly app for its customers, allowing them to easily locate a charger, monitor charging status and make payments. The aim is to ensure a seamless and reliable charging process. A booking system is currently under development. 

Milence’s introductory direct tariff is set at EUR 0,4 (0,399 EUR) per kWh excluding VAT and transactional costs. Initially, this charging tariff will apply to all hubs operated by Milence, and the applicable tariff can be found in the Milence app and displayed at the charging station. Any changes to the tariffs will be communicated through Milence’s official channels. 

Commitment to sustainable operations 

Milence is investing in environmentally friendly solutions every step of the way. Ensuring that only green energy is used to power the sites and using a new and sustainable concrete in the construction are just some of the measures taken to deliver charging hubs that not only provide a reliable charging experience, but also have a small environmental footprint. 

European roadmap 

The Hub in Venlo is the first to open in the Benelux Region. The recently announced sites in Antwerp and Ghent will follow in 2024 and 2025. Milence already secured several sites along the core European transport corridors which are scheduled to  open throughout 2024. Details on individual locations will be communicated through Milence’s official channels. 

Anja van Niersen, CEO at Milence, expressed her enthusiasm for this milestone, stating:   

The opening in Venlo marks an important moment in our journey to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport. A year ago, when Milence was announced, we made a commitment to build the largest charging network for electric trucks in Europe. With this first charging hub and our future roadmap, a reliable charging network open to all vehicles is now taking shape. We are delighted to have been joined by our shareholders and partners today and to be able to give the market the confidence that the journey to a fossil-free Europe has begun”. 

More details and a call for collaboration available in this video