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We are Milence,
a team dedicated to making the future of road transport fossil-free

Established in 2022 as a joint venture between Daimler Truck, TRATON GROUP, and the Volvo Group, Milence is dedicated to making the future of road transport fossil-free.

Our drive

A strong commitment
to doing better


We build and manage high-performance charging infrastructure that not only provides sustainable energy for all, but also the safety and convenience required.


Providing reliable, safe, and convenient charging solutions, we deliver sustainable energy for all battery-electric heavy-duty trucks and coaches, regardless of brand.

Human Centred

Next to offering a reliable and safe charging experience, we focus on the experience of the truck driver. Relief for those who need to rest and recharge. Reliability for those who want to go forward.

Meet our leadership team

Anja van Niersen
Wolfgang Brand
Roel Vissers
Growth Lead
Get to know Roel Vissers
Elliott Wagschal
Operations Lead
Mereille Klein Koerkamp
Marketing & Data Lead
Get to know Mereille Klein Koerkamp
Maarten Jaspers
Technology Lead
Carsten Klomp
IT Lead
Niko Veenstra
People Lead
Zachary Alfred
Communications & Brand Lead
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we start now

Collective change will only come when we work together. We are looking for partners who share our values to help us accelerate the roll-out of our network. This includes technology partners, energy suppliers, location owners, construction companies and others.
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