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About Charging

How can the Milence app assist you?

Milence is building Europe’s leading network of public charging solutions for heavy-duty vehicles. With the Milence app you can:

– Quickly find Milence chargers
– Pay directly with your credit cards
– Stay informed about your charging session

Is the use of the Milence app free of charge?

Yes! The Milence app can be downloaded and used for free. When starting a charging session general charging fees apply. These fees will always be shown before the start of a charging session.

How can I log into the Milence app?

You can create a Milence app account with your email by selecting “Register without RFID Code” and filling out your personal information. You will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration, click on it and you will be redirected to the app to access your newly registered account and complete your profile.

What are the benefits of adding my electric truck to my Milence app profile?

By adding your electric truck to your profile we can calculate the added distance automatically while you are charging based on your vehicle characteristics.

How can I add a payment method to my profile?

The payment method is a set-up step on the registration process. If you skipped this step you can navigate to payment methods by clicking on the menu icon in the top right, and select “settings”. This will lead you to the payment method section where you can add you card details. Please note you will be prompted for a validation payment of 0,00 EUR to confirm your banking details.

Does the Milence app support starting and stopping a session with my eMSP card?

No, the Milence app does not support the use of RFID tokens to remotely start and stop a session. You can use an eMSP RFID card at the charging station though.

Which phone operating systems are supported in order to use the Milence app?

The Milence app is suitable for all electric trucks and is available for smartphone running on Android 5.0 (API level 21) as well as for iOS 13.4 or newer.

How can I submit feedback on the Milence app?

After finishing a session, you can rate your charging experience via a pop-up star-rating mechanism. If you are interested in giving us additional feedback on what we can improve, you are most welcome to contact us at

How can I start and stop a charging session with the Milence app?

You can start a charging session with the Milence app by following these easy steps:

– Make sure that you have added a payment method to your account
– Navigate from the map to the charging station that you would like to start a session at. You can validate whether you’ve selected the right charging station by checking the charge point number on the sticker next to the screen of the charging station
– Select the charging connector. This is the last number of the charge point IDs that are shown in the app after you selected it.
– Swipe to start a session
– Connect the charging cable to your vehicle.

You can stop a charging session with your app by following these easy steps:

– Go to your ongoing session and click “swipe to stop”
– Make sure you also disconnect the charging cable from your vehicle.

Can you explain how 'kilometres added' on the charging session overview screen are being calculated?

Please note this functionality only works if you have added a vehicle to your profile.

On the charging session overview screen you will see the kms that are added. This is based on the range of your electric truck divided by its battery size. This calculation results in an average km/kWh. We multiply this by the charged kWhs so far in your session.

How often is the charging session overview screen being updated?

The session updates are refreshed every 30 seconds. 

How can I check my vehicles state of charge in the Milence app?

Unfortunately, you cannot monitor the state of charge of your vehicle in the charging session screen of the Milence app yet. It is only visible on the screen of the charging station. We are working on it!

Why can’t I use the Milence app for paying, starting and stopping a session at non-Milence charging stations?

The Milence app only works at charging stations that are operated by Milence.

About Tariffs

What does it cost to charge at Milence?

Milence’s standard charging tariff, when paying via our Milence app, is set at EUR 0,399 EUR/ kWh excluding VAT. Secondly transactional costs of EUR 1,99 (excl VAT) per session are applicable.

This charging tariff is applicable to all countries where Milence operates. Please note that this tariff is different in countries that have a currency other than Euro. You can always find the applicable tariff in the Milence app or on the charging station.

Do you use an eMSP card or app? Your provider sets the tariff and conditions. These can differ from the standard charging tariff of Milence

Do I need to pay additional transaction fees next to the kWh tariff?

Next to the kWh-based costs for recharging your eTruck, we will charge you EUR 1,99 excl VAT for transactional costs if you pay via credit card through the Milence app.

Does the charging tariff apply to everyone?

The tariff is the ad-hoc charging tariff that applies to customers who pay Milence directly through their bank or credit card. The prices for customers authorizing their charging session with an eMSP charge card or app may differ, depending on your contract with your eMSP. Kindly refer to your eMSP for further tariff information.

Are the costs for parking in the safe and secure car parking part of the charging tariff?

If the Milence charging location is situated within an existing safe and secure truck parking, the parking fees still apply and are not part of the charging tariff. This might change in the future. You can see additional charging site information when selecting the charger in the Milence app and clicking the “i” button.

About payment options & invoicing

What payment options are supported?

Currently, you can pay for charging sessions with credit cards through the Milence app (VISA or Mastercard). At a later stage we will also add a card payment terminal to facilitate card payments on site.

Milence also supports a number of eMobility Service Provider (eMSP) charge cards and apps to be used for contract-based invoicing of charging sessions.

How am I going to be billed?

When you pay with a credit card through the app, the final session amount will immediately be settled after the end of the session. Depending on the issuer of your payment card, it can take a few days before this is shown on your bank statement.

If you pay with an eMSP charge card the eMSP will invoice you for the charging session at the Milence charging site. If you have any questions, please contact your provider.

Can I get a (monthly) invoice for my charging sessions?

We don’t offer this service at the moment. However, in the Milence app you can retrieve a charging receipt including VAT for your charging session that was started through the app.

If you are authorizing the charging session with an eMSP charge card or app, your eMobility provider will invoice your charging sessions according to their terms and conditions. If you have questions, please contact your eMobility provider directly.

Why is an amount reserved on my bank account/ credit card?

Before the charging session starts, 199 EUR (excl VAT) are reserved in your bank account or card. This is done because at the start of your session, we don’t know how long or how much you will be charging. The actual charging session amount will be settled immediately after your charging session. In case of any problems (for example, sessions that could not start or cannot be processed) reservation amounts will be automatically released after 24 hours. Should you still encounter issues or have questions, please contact our support team.

Where can I find my charging session history and charging receipt?

If you started your session through the Milence app, you can retrieve your receipt by following these easy steps:

– Go to the main menu and select “’Charging history”
– Then select a charging session.
– Scroll down to see a button “Download receipt” where you can review and save your receipt.

Do you still have questions about your receipt? Please contact our support team and we happily assist you.

If you started your charging session with a charge card or app of one of our connected eMSPs, please contact your provider regarding your history, receipt or invoice.

How to link my bank card to the Milence app?

Once you’ve registered in the app, you will be asked to connect your bank card as a payment method. You can also navigate to your Settings and tap on Payment method where you can add/change your payment method. You will not be able to start charging until you add a payment method to the app.

How do I prevent filling in my bank card details before each charging session?

You only need to register your bank card once. Validation of the card will take place before your charging session starts.

About the Milence charging locations

Where can I find a listing of Milence's planned and operational locations?

We are currently deploying the first locations of our European heavy-duty truck charging network. Once a location is in operation it can be found in our Milence app. We aim to provide an overview of both planned and operational locations via the Milence website as well in the near future.

How can I access a Milence location?

The way to access the charging hubs depends on the location. All relevant location-specific information can be found on the location page. Click on “Network” in the top banner and select the location you want more info about.

Are there physical vehicle restrictions to access the Milence locations?

The Milence charging sites are only accessible to electric trucks. The site caters for various lengths of trailers and goods. The specific attributes of the charging site are shown in the Milence app.

In some locations we might allow overflow parking for Diesel trucks in case there is sufficient parking availability at our site.

Can I also charge my passenger car at a Milence charging point?

No, it is not permitted to charge passenger cars at Milence. Our charging stations are only intended for electric trucks and are therefore always located in (safe) truck parking lots that are not available for passenger cars.

Do I need to book a charging bay?

You do not need to book a charging bay prior to arriving at a Milence charging site. However, we do envision to add this service in the near future. Either way, ad-hoc arrivals will be welcome at Milence charging sites.

Can I leave the truck at the charging spot if I stay overnight?

Milence caters for charging during the legally required break times: 45mins breaks as well as overnight stays. We recognize that trucks cannot be moved during these times and therefore aim to make the driver’s stay as safe and pleasant as possible.

Should I move the truck once it is fully charged?

If your electric truck is sufficiently charged for you to proceed on your onward journey and you are not on your break time anymore, it is good etiquette to move your truck and make the charging bay available for the next electric truck. Thank you for your cooperation in serving the charging needs of many!

Charging Troubleshooting

The charging station/connector is not working or damaged.

If you experience problems at the charging stations you can contact the Milence support. The contact details can be found at the charging station screen. In case of a collusion with a charging station, always contact our support directly at +31 85 0 54 55 44

The charging session does not start

If you are trying to start a session with the Milence app and are encountering problems, there might be a problem with the network connection of your phone.

Please check if your phone is connected to the internet and can receive data. In case of connectivity issues, you can always connect to the free Milence Wi-Fi.


If you are using a bank card to authorize your charging session please check if you have sufficient funds in your account, and if needed use a different bank card to authorize your session. In case of further problems, kindly contact your bank for support.


If you are using an eMSP charge card either on site at the card reader of the charger or through the eMSP app, please contact your eMSP support for assistance regarding your eMobility contract.


If you still encounter problems with starting the session, please contact our support team at +31 85 0 54 55 44

The app states that charging has started, but nothing is happening!

Likely, the charging session has been authorized but has not started yet.  To start the session, please follow these steps:

  • Check whether the connector has been pressed sufficiently into the charging inlet of the truck. (to prevent communication issues between truck and charging station occur)
  • Check if your phone has an active internet connection and can receive data. Connect to the free Milence Wi-Fi if you experience issues with your internet connection.
  • End the session and try again.
  • In case charging still fails after following these steps, there might be a problem with the charging stations. In this case, please contact our support at +31 85 0 54 55 44.

My session updates are not shown in the app!

Please check your internet connection to see if you can receive data updates, validate that the session is still ongoing and has not yet stopped.

I cannot stop the charging session with my app!

There might be a problem with the network connection of your phone.

Please check if your phone is connected to the internet and can receive data.
Connect to Milence Wi-Fi if you experience issues with your internet connection.

Also make sure that the charger screen is locked, otherwise you won’t be able to stop a session from the Milence App.

If you still encounter problems with stopping the session, please contact our support team at +31 85 0 54 55 44.

I cannot stop the charging session from the payment terminal!

Please try again by navigating back to the home screen and re-selecting your connector to load your session information. On the session overview screen select ‘stop session’.

If you still encounter problems with stopping the session, please contact our support team at +31 85 0 54 55 44.

I cannot stop the charging session with my eMSP charge card!

If you have multiple charge cards, please make sure you are using the card you also initiated the session with.

If you still encounter problems with stopping the session, please contact our support team at +31 85 0 54 55 44.

I cannot see my charging session in my session history in the app.

It can happen that our strict data quality processes and rules find a charging session not good enough to be invoiced. We reject sessions that do not meet our high-quality standards and will not include them in your session history.

I cannot unplug the charging cable

Please confirm through the app or on the charger that the session stopped. If this is the case, try to unlock the connector through the charging screen of your truck. If you still encounter issues, contact our support team at +31 85 0 54 55 44.

App Troubleshooting

When you encounter issues with the Milence App, please make sure you first follow these steps:

· Check in your app store if you have the latest version
· Check if you have internet connection
· Close the app and reopen it again
· Uninstall & reinstall the app
· Restart your device

I cannot download the Milence app.

The link to the respective app store can be found at

In case you cannot download the app, please follow the below steps:

– Check that you have a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.
– Check your storage space.
– Check for system updates.
– Check if the app is available for your device.
– Check if the app is available for the region of your selected app store
– Uninstall & reinstall the app.
– Close & reopen the app store.
– Restart your device.

I do not receive an email to reset my password.

– Please check in your spam folder, if the email ended up there.
– Please also check if you made any spelling mistakes when entering your email address.
– Create a new account, maybe the account you are trying to access does not exist.

I encounter another issue with my app!

If you encounter other issues with our app, kindly report them to our support team at +31 85 0 54 55 44 and we will have a look into it!

Payment Troubleshooting

I cannot add a payment method

Please double check that you made no typos and the card details you are entering are correct. We currently support all VISA and Mastercard credit cards. If you still cannot enter a payment method, kindly report it to our support team at +31 85 0 54 55 44.

Why can’t I start a charging session on an available connector at the payment terminal?

Please connect the charging cable to your truck first and then select the connector icon with the status ‘connected’ to initiate the payment process.

My pre-authorization request is declined.

‘When using our payment terminal solution, we will not start a charging session, if we cannot make a reservation on your bank card. Check if there are sufficient funds available on your account or get in touch with your payment card issuing bank. You can also try to use a different bank card.

I cannot download my receipt for my charging session.

You can only download a receipt for a session that has successfully ended. The receipt will then show up in your session history details screen. If you still encounter problems, contact our support team at +31 85 0 54 55 44 and we will happily assist you with your request.