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Charging & Payment

Milence charging hubs are available to all trucks regardless of brand. To ensure a seamless charging experience, multiple payment methods are supported and continuously added.

Three Payment Methods

Through the official Milence app

Our app makes payment a breeze. Visit the app page for details.

Using an eMSP card or app

Your provider sets the tariff and conditions.

Direct payment using a bank card

At the payment terminal on site. This option is currently available at the Milence Hub at Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

Our eMSP Partners

You can charge and pay within the Milence network using your mobility service provider (MSP). The supported charge cards that can be used for contract-based invoicing are:


Milence’s standard charging tariff, when paying via our Milence app, is set at EUR 0,399 EUR/ kWh excluding VAT. Secondly transactional costs of EUR 1,99 (excl VAT) per session are applicable.

This charging tariff is applicable to all countries where Milence operates. Please note that this tariff is different in countries that have a currency other than Euro. You can always find the applicable tariff in the Milence app or on the charging station.

Do you use an eMSP card or app? Your provider sets the tariff and conditions. These can differ from the standard charging tariff of Milence