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Florencia Senia: Recruiting for a sustainable future

People 9 February 2023
At Florencia Senia’s previous employer recruiting for the nuclear energy industry, the process was lengthy and somewhat slow. As a recruiter for Milence, Florencia is experiencing quite the opposite – helping to build a fast-growing new company.

“I thought that if you dedicate eight hours per a day to your job, I would rather to be contributing to a sustainable cause. It’s been a great change and I love my job,” she says. 

Florencia was interviewed for the job at the beginning of August 2022, just a few weeks after the company was established. “I must admit it was a bit daring to apply to a company that is less than a month old. But after two clicks into my research, I learned how solid this company is, being backed by the three heavy vehicle giants of Europe and having such an important mission to pursue.” 

Raised in Córdoba, Argentina, she left her hometown with unfinished university studies in psychology to discover Europe. Through a friend of a friend, she ended up in a small town in Germany and worked two years as a waitress in an ice cream parlour.  

“I wanted to experience something that was very different from my culture. I like the way of life and the lifestyle in northern Europe. I therefore went back to Argentina to complete my psychology degree. I was really motivated to return to Europe and finished four years of study in less than half the time, including two post-degrees.” 

Left everything behind 

Wasting no time, she applied for jobs in Europe and received an email for an interview with an IT recruitment company in the Netherlands the same day that she presented her thesis. “I left everything behind and travelled with one suitcase and 1,000 euros in funds. Thankfully, I got the job.” 

Last century, Florencia’s grandparents left Italy fraught with poverty to build a new life in South America. “It’s strange; now their grandchildren are moving back to Europe to leave behind an Argentina in crisis. Somehow I think that it was my destiny to be here. I’ve been very lucky in finding work that I enjoy and a place to live. I’ve now been four years in the Netherlands but no, I don’t feel Dutch yet. I’m still 100 percent Latina.” 

Growing company 

Joining Milence in October 2022, Florencia has helped recruit employees that have started at the company since. And she has a challenging task ahead as the company will grow significantly in the coming months. “I’ll be very busy. At the same time, it’s amazing to see that when we really want someone, we can sign within a week or so.” 

“No one I’ve contacted has not been interested in working for the sustainable future of Europe. We can offer the best of both worlds – working with sustainability with the opportunity to work for a newly-established company and make an impact in fast-moving developments.”