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Luis Hurtado charges ahead: ‘We are pushing the industry’

People 2 February 2023
In the fast-moving world of e-mobility, Luis Hurtado is singularly well suited to work with charging technology and innovation at Milence. From initial studies in electrical engineering at home in Colombia, he continued with master's and PhD studies at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. Since then, he has worked with power systems and over the past four years with e-mobility.

Combining these fields is essential as Milence builds at least 1,700 charge points for heavy-duty vehicles in the coming five years. Hurtado now has a pivotal role in planning for the implementation of the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) throughout Europe. “We need to reduce uncertainty and provide more confidence. Our aim is to have the infrastructure in place before the trucks hit the road,” he says. 

Product standard under way 

A standard for the new higher power charging system is presently being finalised, which will clarify the product requirements. “We must avoid that something can go wrong. The power is ten times greater than earlier charging systems and the current standards are not enough to guarantee safety at these power levels.” 

In his most recent job before joining Milence, Luis worked on charging technology at ABB, focusing on the design of power cabinets.  

We at Milence are focusing on logistics hubs and en-route locations to be there when charging is needed. We are pushing the industry so that we can implement MCS charging as soon as possible.” 

New industry 

Luis joined Milence in October 2022 and now leads the charging technology topics. “This industry is just starting up and although the concept basically is the same as for a phone charger, this is a completely different ball game. I decided to join in that challenge.” 

He lives with his Dutch wife and their 1.5-year-old daughter Sofía in the town of Arnhem, a one-hour train ride from Amsterdam where Milence also has an office. “I don’t ride my bike to the office every day but I’m a sociable person and I enjoy the company of others, even if there’s only one other person at work.” 

“I’ve been here at Milence four months and the task at hand is quite challenging. It helps that we are working in a new area. We aren’t hindered by predefined processes or technological roadmaps. You don’t have to be a full-fledged expert to start working here but you need the right mentality to be able to quickly pick up knowledge.” 

Knows everyone at work 

Luis appreciates the company culture at Milence, which has grown from one to 40 employees over the past seven months, and he and still knows everyone. “I hope that will continue to be the case as we grow.”