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Meet the team: Leo Jordaan

People 20 October 2022
Meet Leo Jordaan, our Director of Asset Management, who is responsible for making sure our charge points and other facilities are always reliable and accessible.

What is your new role in the organisation?

‍My role is Director of Asset Management. It is crucial that we set up a well-functioning asset management system, especially with our ambition of deploying at least 1700 charge points within the first five years of operation in Europe. Once in operation, a good understanding of our assets is important because we know that not charging is not an option for the customer. In addition to the charging hardware, we will also manage other facilities that make sure the drivers have a great rest-and-recharge experience.

Why did you join CV Charging Europe?

‍The main reason is that I think we should do something together to make sure our children have a better future. There are already many things that contribute, such as solar and wind energy, but by also paying attention to a totally different sector such as road transport, we can make an additional contribution to sustainability. And this is where I would like to make my contribution. Because doing nothing is not an option!

What do you expect is going to be the biggest challenge?

‍The biggest challenge, in my view, is to obtain the best locations with permits and grid connections, and there is also a shortage of technical staff throughout Europe to carry out the work. If the above cannot be solved quickly, we will slow down and jeopardise our objective. And it is precisely a delay that we have to avoid because there is no time to lose.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

‍Working in a whole new team of energetic colleagues who, together with strategic partners, contribute to the electrification of heavy transport in Europe and make sure the drivers have a super rest-and-recharge experience on our sites.