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Meet the team: Mereille Klein Koerkamp

People 15 September 2022
Meet Mereille Klein Koerkamp, our Director of Customer Journey, who will be responsible for ensuring the best user experience for transport companies and drivers.

What is your new role in the organisation?

As Director of Customer Journey, I’ll be responsible for the development and quality of all products related to the charging experience of our clients, both those sitting in offices and in the driver’s seat. It’s of upmost importance that the technology is user-friendly, supportive and reliable. As part of my role, I’ll also be looking for products which surprise the users. However, reliability will always be key.

Why did you join CV Charging Europe?

Having an impact on the world is a big driver for me, so being able to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is an opportunity I could not resist. I’m so proud that after a career working with electric passenger cars, I can now contribute to electric trucking. Every day there’s a steep learning curve since transport and logistics is completely different when compared to charging electric cars. Another driver for me is bringing innovative technologies to a new group of users. Because electric trucks are also a new technology for truck operators and drivers, this job is an opportunity for me to do several different things that I love.

What do you expect is going to be the biggest challenge?

Time – the charging infrastructure is needed before trucks are out there on the road. And as the market is asking for clean mobility, and the EU is supporting electric transport with all kinds of subsidiary schemes, I expect the market to be booming from the day the first electric long-haul truck is delivered. We also face the problems of a shortage of products for realising charging infrastructure, long lead times and difficulties accessing the energy grid.

And don’t forget, the faster we are, the quicker we can reduce the climate impact of transport.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

One day I picture myself meeting a truck driver at a party, who is bragging about how fun and relaxing electric trucking is, and who doesn’t even know who I am or what I do. I will silently observe, listen and be so proud of how far we’ve come. I can’t wait for that moment to happen.