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Tanchi Sharma: Using science to find the best charging locations

People 27 January 2023
From her first years in school, Tanchi Sharma has excelled in maths. She built further on that interest throughout university to become Assistant Professor in Mathematics at the age of 23, lecturing equally young engineering students.

Now, she is applying her experience as a Data Scientist at Milence in determining the most favourable locations for charge points for heavy-duty vehicles in Europe. That involves crunching data for cluster modelling of several essential factors – such as traffic data and electrical grids, among other things – in order to realise Milence’s plan to build at least 1,700 charge points in the coming five years.

Moving to the Netherlands from the Indian capital New Delhi in 2018, Tanchi’s expertise in mathematical analysis granted her many opportunities. From running online gaming models to the cumbersome task of organising flight crew schedules, Sharma was able to apply her analytical skills in many areas. After giving birth to her daughter Arya in the middle of the pandemic, she returned to work with the ambition to advance further at her then-employer, but was told by her managers that the chances of this were slim.

 Opportunities for growth 

When Tanchi applied to work at Milence – at the time known by its interim name CV Charging Europe – the company was only 20 days old. While working at such a new company could be intimidating for some, she saw it as a unique opportunity. 

“I chose Milence to be part of a company that’s growing. Normally, you have to follow established processes. Here, you can have an opinion based on your past experience about how processes should be formed. I could also see the opportunities for growth, and make my voice heard. Not in terms of promotion but rather growth as an individual.” 

That the company is diverse with employees of many different nationalities and backgrounds was another compelling reason. And working with sustainability was also attractive. “There’s only so much you can accomplish as an individual but a company can achieve so much more. As yet we don’t have many electric trucks on the road but by 2050 all trucks will be zero-emission.” 

So far, Tanchi enjoys living in Amsterdam and has learned Dutch although she admits it would be difficult to hold an hour-long conversation in the language. Arya, meanwhile, speaks Punjabi, Hindi, Dutch and English. 

“Will we stay here in Amsterdam forever? Well, who knows? I also said that I would never leave Delhi.”