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The Path to Electrifying the Transport Industry through Strategic Partnerships

10 January 2024
Meet Tobias Prenzel, our Head of Business Development and Partnerships. He is responsible for accelerating the transition to electric heavy duty transportation by forging partnerships with a diverse range of companies. From truck parking operators and real estate developers to vehicle manufacturers and transport and energy firms, Tobias collaborates with them to create mutually beneficial business models and strategic location partnerships. His ultimate goal is to make the vision of a fossil fuel free transport sector a reality.

Tobias Prenzel has been a part of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure industry for years. With a career marked by significant contributions in the EV industry, Tobias joined Milence on a mission to continue revolutionizing the logistics and transportation sector. 

Tobias’s journey into this field began with his role at Ionity, a company founded in 2017 with a focus on e-mobility and charging infrastructure. During his time at Ionity, Tobias played a crucial role in setting up the company and shaping its growth. He witnessed the industry’s transformation, from its infancy to gaining substantial commercial traction. Drawing on a comprehensive grasp of the intricacies of charge point operation, Tobias contributes his wealth of knowledge and expertise to Milence, playing a vital role in advancing our mission to establish Europe’s leading network of public-charging solutions for heavy-duty vehicles.  

The future of transportation  

“After five years in an industry that I started to really love and be excited about… It (Milence) seemed like the most exciting project within charging.” – Tobias Prenzel 

After his noteworthy work at Ionity, Tobias chose to embark on a new adventure with Milence. The question on everyone’s mind is: why Milence? For Tobias, the decision was a natural progression in his career. Milence’s vision of transforming the logistics and transport sector through sustainable electric vehicle charging resonated deeply with him. 

Milence represented an opportunity to make a significant impact on the future of transportation. The heavy-duty transport industry, with its substantial carbon footprint, responsible for about 6% of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions, presented a unique challenge that intrigued him.  

While passenger vehicle charging had made considerable strides, the heavy-duty road transport industry still awaited its transformation. Milence’s ambitious goals aligned perfectly with Tobias’s passion for pioneering uncharted territory and sustainability.  

The Biggest Challenge: focus & compromise

As Tobias dove into his role at Milence, he encountered some formidable challenges. One of the most significant hurdles is finding focus in a vast and heterogeneous industry. The logistics and transport sector comprises a wide range of players, from industry giants to small and medium-sized companies. With limited resources, striking the right balance and prioritizing the most impactful initiatives becomes a critical challenge for Milence. 

Additionally, the heavy-duty transport industry’s unique characteristics and distribution presented unforeseen complexities. The majority of logistic players are smaller enterprises with fewer than 20 drivers or trucks, adding to the challenge of crafting tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. This diverse landscape demands careful consideration and strategic decision-making. 

Pioneering New Solutions 

When asked what he most looks forward to on a day-to-day basis Tobias answered, “Working externally with partners that are equally excited about what we can do together to accelerate this transition.” 

“We take our mission seriously, to really try and identify partners that have a similar vision and that have a drive towards sustainable commercial transport and see what we can develop together.”  

Tobias’s enthusiasm for building strategic partnerships is fueled by the diverse roles these partners can play in advancing Milence’s mission.  

For eMSP partners: Tobias seeks those interested in forming a roaming connection with Milence or accessing valuable Point of Interest (POI) data to enhance their offerings.  This collaboration ensures seamless EV charging experience for customers while expanding Milence’s reach.  

Location partners, on the other hand, hold the key to expanding Milence’s charging network through land for the charging locations.  

Tobias also emphasized the importance of site operations partners including those skilled in electric and technical maintenance, cleaning, construction (civil works and/or electric technical), and general operations. These partners are integral in ensuring the reliability, cleanliness, and efficiency, of Milence charging site.  

Tobias finds immense excitement in his role at Milence and relishes the opportunity to work externally with partners who share a common vision of accelerating the transition to sustainable road transport. Collaborating with partners from various industries adds a fresh perspective to his charging experience, particularly coming from the logistics and transport area. 


Tobias Prenzel’s journey to Milence showcases his unwavering commitment to driving change in the EV industry. His decision to join Milence reflects his belief in Milence’s mission to transform the logistics and transport sector through sustainable charging solutions. While challenges abound, Tobias’s passion for pioneering new solutions and his dedication to collaborating with diverse partners continue to propel him forward on this exciting journey. With Tobias at the forefront, Milence is well-positioned to make a lasting impact on the future of transportation. 

Interested in partnering with Milence and contributing to a future of fossil-free road transport, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  

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